Welcome to Inner Beauty Colonics – Sunshine Coast Colonics by Amy Richards

Inner beauty is about is providing a treatment thats is as individual as the person I am treating. My drive is to help those who are looking for the next level of health in body, mind and spirit as well as beauty and ultimate well being. I want to help my clients  achieve their goals in natural and practical affordable ways.

Colon hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation is not just another alternative therapy, it is in my mind, the single most important thing we could ever do for our health in our modern lifestyle way of living.

Gut health is the number 1 key to overall health, true beauty and wellbeing.

I am one of very few and lucky people who had the honour and privilege of completing extensive training and mentoring with the most beautiful and wonderful well respected teachers in this field, Roslyn Uttley Moore at her AlohaMana in Buderim, QLD.

And also to further my knowledge in the field I completed another qualification in colon hydrotherapy through Australian Colon Health, Melbourne VIC.

In my younger years I have trained at the Helene Abicare school in Melbourne for advanced beauty therapy, this helped me gain a greater understanding of skin health and also components of gut, internal health and the relation to your inner and outer beauty.

I have also trained with RMIT in VIC for work in the Dental field, Orthodontic, General, Surgical and Laboratory, this has given me great knowledge, understanding and training in methods of prevention of cross infection, disinfection, and microbiology aspects, professional high patient clinical care experience, and understanding the digestive system as a whole. From top to bottom.

Certified in plant based Nutrition.

Certified First Aid.

My clinic is currently based in Maroochy River, offering colonics on the Sunshine Coast near the Bli Bli Area.