Frequently asked questions about Coffee Enemas

What is the difference between drinking coffee and taking a rectal coffee enema?

Drinking coffee causes the bile ducts to close, causing congestion in the liver.
 This has been proven by medical research, where an endoscope was used to view the exact effect the coffee had on the liver in both applications.

A coffee enema causes the bile ducts in the liver to open, therefore releasing bile and toxins into the blood stream.

What is the actual physical effect [of a coffee enema] on the body?

When you introduce 1 litre of prepared coffee into your colon via the rectum, the combination of caffeine, theophyline and theobromine in the coffee are absorbed from the colon through the hemorrhoidal vein [which carries the caffeine to the portal system, then to the liver] this stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts.

Bile flow is increased, along with the number of conjugated toxins in the bile.
This is due to the activity of other substances in the coffee, [Palmitates] which activate the enzyme system Glutathione-S-transferase several fold

This enzyme system, which is selenium dependent is responsible for grabbing toxins, free radicals, and bilirubins [break down of red blood cells] and conjugating them [or detoxifying them and making them water soluble] before delivery to the bile for elimination.

•  The coffee is absorbed into the mesenteric vein, then taken up by the portal vein which serves the liver directly.
•  The enema does not pass into the systemic circulation.
•  The enema is retained for 15 minutes during which time it stimulates the liver cells to cleanse the blood, removing toxins.
•  The entire blood circulation will be recycled through the liver about five times during this period enabling a thorough cleanse.
•  With the bile ducts dilated a flushing of toxic bile is encouraged which enters the gastrointestinal tract.
•  The mopping up of free radicals effectively inhibits the formation of carcinogens and therefore this enzyme performs a protective role against cancer.
•  The coffee enema is unsurpassed in it’s capacity to stimulate the flushing of toxic bile or bile that has been loaded with toxins by the glutathione-S-transferace system.
•  Coffee enema’s increase liver filtering, greatly aiding the livers ability to remove serum toxins.
•  The large volume of fluid retained in the lower colon stimulates peristaltic activity which ensures the propulsion of bile through the intestine to the outside via the rectum.

Coffee enemas have literally been a lifesaver to many thousands of people under going extreme detoxification.

It is important to remember that the enema is given for the stimulation of the liver and not for the function of the intestines.

When and How often should I use a Coffee Enema?

Coffee enema’s should be used in conjunction with a cleansing diet program. More specifically using the strict guidelines set out by the Gerson Clinic.
If you have cancer or are wanting to address a health issue, please seek advise of a reputable practitioner.

The frequency and number of coffee enema’s applied obviously depends upon the degree of toxic burden and the rate of it’s release into the system.

The use of coffee enema’s on a detoxification program enables patients to progress at a faster rate than they would normally have been able to, as extremely toxic symptoms can be experienced on a comparatively mild cleanse and without the use of coffee enema’s people are often tempted to give up the treatment.

If you are introducing a daily coffee enema, I would recommend doing the treatment in the morning, as this time is usually the most natural bodily rhythm of evacuation.
Coffee enema’s taken later in the day may cause sleep disturbances. This information is simply a guideline and overview for better health.

As a general treatment the use of a daily coffee enema in combination with a juice, potassium broth, vegetables and fruit diet program, will assist the detoxification effect.
If you are taking more than 1 coffee enema daily, then space them @ 4 hourly intervals.

Contra Indications. When should you not do a coffee enema?

If there is any bleeding, and or ulceration in the colon, hypertension, tachycardia, cardiac, respiratory or renal insufficiency.